piggyback pig‧gy‧back [ˈpɪgibæk] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to use a situation that already exists in order to do or get what you want:
piggyback on/​onto

• Some pharmaceutical companies piggyback on existing brands by borrowing parts of their names.

• It wants to piggyback its order onto another city's contract to keep costs down.

2. [transitive] TRANSPORT to move goods from one place to another, using containers that can be carried both by train and by road

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piggyback UK US /ˈpɪɡibæk/ verb [I]
to use something that already exists or has already been done successfully to do something else quickly or effectively: piggyback on/off/onto sth »

The mobile phone company managed to break into European markets by piggybacking off existing networks.

piggyback UK US /ˈpɪɡibæk/ adjective [before noun]
(also piggy-back) used to describe something that piggybacks off another successful or effective thing: piggyback arrangements/advertising/loans »

Mortgage customers were attracted by offers such as piggyback loans to pay for deposits.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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